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This is a small project designed and created with a dear friend, that is Agostina.
What is it?
In 2015, Agostina was diagnosed with breast cancer.
He has faced an operation, has faced cycles of chemotherapy …
All this could lead to psychological counteracts …
But what struck me about Agostina was his way of dealing with everything, his strength of mind and his face with a smile that many, unfortunately, can not deal with.
I believe that willpower and the joy of living are very important when it comes to dealing with such demanding tests.
All this, by mutual agreement, we try to tell it through the thoughts of Agostina and my shots.
We want this small project to be an example and a help for those who face cancer every day.

Madam, I’m sorry, they’re not good cells. I have a tumor. Point. Fuck. Point. All right. Point.
I like to laugh too much, it’s good for me. I support all laughing, even Tumorino.
You can smile while crying, while the opposite is completely impossible.
Many thoughts are crowded in the head: about life and death. We must synthesize in order not to go crazy. Either you decide to live or you decide to die. Needless to say, I decided to live.
For me it is not so much the time itself, as the moments that make it so. I rarely regret what I do, because the awareness that every single moment will not return, allows me to give the right importance to things. The unconsciousness that characterizes my approach to life routs fear. And without fear I did great things. They say..
Life brought me tears but could not erase my smile. Life has broken my heart but has failed to suck my soul away. Life has stolen me a lot of hope but it can not take away my dreams. Life, over the years, will make me appear wrinkles on my face but will not be able to make my heart grow old.
I can not help but be alone with myself. It is an ancestral need, it is a conditio sine qua non of my life. I hate myself, I love myself, I lose myself, I find myself and I reload. I listen to my breaths and I let myself be pampered by my thoughts. At the beginning chaos reigns and then the mind surrenders and as if by magic it finds the road that leads to serenity. It is a continuous evolution, a continuous maturing of the various facets of my ego.
When everything ends, you have inevitably changed, but for the better. Because you discovered that strange thing called patience, that few really know. And you find yourself strangely friend of the future. You leave the past behind and sometimes you feel like you have not lived those busy days.
Sometimes you feel like remembering how strong you have been and with how many smiles you’ve dealt with everything. A new pride accompanies you and the awareness of how much you are worth helps you to overcome every new test that life presents you.
We can arrange our chair on the beach as many times as we like, and cry when the waves arrive, but the tide will not listen to us, the sea will not come back. Robert Winder
The passions allow you to make the soul vibrate again in a ballet of rebirth. They bring you back to life after adverse circumstances. And they remind you that your strength is first of all your individuality.
Some days it is not easy to look back. I get emotional and cry without knowing why. But even crying is good, if you do not exaggerate.
In the path taken by Agostina there were also the flowers of Dr. Edward Bach that are 38 and act by turning our negative emotional states into positive, such as fear in courage, pessimism in optimism, anxiety in inner tranquility. They have no contraindications and can be used at any time of life.
At the physical-material level there are many specialized doctors who try to cure us, but often the emotional dimension (not to be confused with the psychological one) is completely neglected. Agostina has faced a surgical operation and a chemotherapy relying at the same time with the flowers of Bach. I was a channel between her and these flowers: listening to her, I was able to recommend the most suitable ones, producing customized blends that were able to offer her support in a particularly difficult time. We used some flowers at the beginning of the path and others during the post-operative period, because by changing their moods, we also had to change the “emotional care”.
And in fact there will be other flowers for the future of Agostina because there will be new situations to be faced. For every negative emotion there will be a different flower to support it, because this is what flowers do, for her and for any person who wants their help.
Francesca Levis – Naturopath



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